• Contemplated my foe's demise,
    yet he calculates my every move.
    And I too can determine his actions.
    But with this being said, we two are surely doomed.

    I don't know his weakness,
    nor does he know mine.
    So we decided with a truce,
    even though its the devil's contract I sign.

    In time I grew to love this character,
    and my original mission vanished.
    So I set out on a new plan
    that I loved and cherished.

    Weeks later I found myself blinded by rage
    and my new-found lover on the floor.
    It wasn't until moments later I realized
    and saw blood on the door.

    My lover was smiling
    and holding onto a note.
    He said he was sorry,
    and without me he can't float.

    I cried and cried for him
    so I pulled out a gun
    and I said "Only in death
    we will laugh with the sun."

    So I pulled the trigger
    and layed beside my love.
    With a smile on my face,
    I called him my Morning Dove.