• ivory crumbling tomb walls
    ive slept for four centrys
    with only the spiders for company
    i here something
    something diffrent
    the worlds still the same as i left it
    yet something has changed
    i slide open my coffin lid
    crept out of my cript
    walk among the ever growing graves and into the noise of the new city
    i feed in a dark alley
    i take the cloths from my victim
    i dont no wheather it was the first meal
    but i felt better than ever
    i return to my old home
    all is there the same as it used to be
    yet its now dusty
    i sit there for quite some time
    reminising becoming intwined
    in such deep thoughts
    i rise to reak havock on humanity
    i feel fresh and alive already
    for the kill of the new centry
    be ready my children i shall strike any hour
    to trap and devour
    who knows you may be my next
    you said your name was bex's
    i took your life
    i drained it from your neck
    now your grave is dug
    you rest with many of my other victims
    from centrys that have pasted
    ashes to ashes dust to dust
    i must move on
    i must not be trusted
    i am the vampirer named zerasted twisted