• I look at you
    I don't blush
    I listen to you rambling
    on and on
    I smile when
    I don't get through
    Your babbling
    I act calm and cool
    But you know me better
    Did I stare to straight?
    you stopped talking and asked me if
    I was still listening
    I smile
    I jump up
    It's time
    I grab your hand
    We run over the streets
    and you'll know that
    I wasn't listening at all
    I only looked at
    You cuz
    I think you are the most beautiful and interesting thing on Earth
    I love to hold your hand
    I love to hear your voice
    Without hearing what you say
    You and I both know
    I think about way too many
    things at the same time
    to really listen to your babbling
    I pick up what's important
    and respond on that
    you are so pretty....
    I love to hold your hand
    even though people will (Probably)
    stare at the strangest couple on Earth
    I smile when you start to ramble
    stuff I don't get
    I love your voice of all the voices the most
    I make you laugh when you cry
    You hold me when I cry
    You'll start babbling nonsense and
    make me smile with your voice
    These funny little things
    Tells me you are really mine
    you take advantage from me being tall and strong
    I take advantage of you being small and cute
    It's almost cliche
    yet we are the strangest couple I've ever seen
    And these funny little things tell me I'm yours
    I want this to remain
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