• AB:
    They say that Light is a natural phenomenon
    of Photons being emitted from a source
    and either reflected or absorbed

    But wait, I thought Light was waves

    I thought Light was fire

    I thought Light was inside

    I thought Light was too fast to go any farther
    I thought I needed a hero
    but I created a martyr

    A monster...
    A creature still dwelling
    Trapped between stars and still I keep yelling
    Excelling toward Supernovas
    Exploding, but no one told us to

    Pay attention

    Change Direction

    Whatever you do, for the love of God,
    Use protection

    Maintain your station

    Exhale Elation

    I've been patient
    my mind is wired

    These are not just my words
    I can see your eyes are tired

    And you cant find rest
    between the phrases
    You're passing tones to the cadence
    Modulating between the chords of the stairwell
    Each half step carrying you higher
    Not realizing that you're the quaver victim to a fermata
    Trapped in an endless canon
    Repeating the bars of a round

    But Light moves faster than sound
    And its effect is more profound
    So they say to be polite
    I back away and just write
    But it feels like the only thing I can do is give Light

    But Light given turns to Light borrowed

    And Light borrowed turns to Light lost

    Light lost turns to Light owed

    And Light owed shows Light's true cost
    So destroys us with burdens
    Give us our destiny

    Light our paths
    Guide our feet
    Give us the best and we
    Will burn bright


    Baptize us with fire

    Just enough to sear the edges
    Cuz I'm rare, like equality
    Do you dare fight Psychology
    Prepare for a lobotomy
    Don't compare with your monotony
    You already know I spit Lightning
    But have you seen me breath Thunder?
    Because Light and Sound blend with the pressure I'm under
    It gets me high
    It blows my mind
    But I just catch my brain as it flies out the side of my head
    It's been said
    That time heals wounds
    Consumes all the shrapnel but it's not what you assume
    I've been sent here from the heavens to show you your doom
    Shut up and repent cuz the storm is coming soon
    The Light is Insanity
    Protect your humanity
    Inject me with kind words that sound like profanity
    Race me to the ending
    I'm tired of pretending
    cuz the fractures that tattoo my bones are not mending
    This is the Light that kills off your demons
    The beacon of hope that transends all reason

    The poison in the cup that gives birth to treason

    The bag that Odysseus himself held the breeze in
    Sieze the seas of C's of mediocirty
    Now see, that second C is what one recieves
    As a mark of consistency
    As if it's what one sees in the season of satisFactory
    With a capital F
    I'll let you catch your breath
    Witnessing my exellence exemplify the exhilaration
    Felt in exultation
    Execpt excuse the X
    It must be subsumed by the F of integration
    And when we calculate our fates we add the Constant C
    Our hands full of critical mass destruction
    Looking towards our ultimate goal of energy
    We must take the root of the problem and square it

    Take the fabric of time and tear it
    Tell me I'm cherished
    Diffuse me, dilute me
    Give the world one more way to pollute me
    Filters over Light
    I try to see the solution but my perception's not right

    It's black and white

    Yo, I don't see color

    It's Yin and Yang

    And I can't see any other
    Option but toxin at this point I'm rotten
    The cycle I'm caught in dries me up like cotton
    This must be the light at the start of the day
    That rests on horizons and scares night away

    The light at the end of the tunnel at death
    I can see the angels that fly in disarray

    So sever our corneas and render us blind
    And we'll revel at the glory of the light in our minds