• Hold the dead out windows
    Drag out the widows,
    They wail, I miss you
    Play some mind games
    Forget the names
    Crack Crack, snap what’s true
    Snap off your head, head
    Find that you’re dead, dead
    Knife, knife, to the end
    That is all
    I’m gonna make you fall,
    Gotta gonna make you bend
    Battle cry
    Fly fly, you’re gonna die
    Climb into the grave,
    The mace to the face
    imaginary misplace
    Watch it cave
    Walk in debt
    Smokin’ your cigarettes
    oh, oh, watch the hearse go by, bye
    one two, five six, seven
    one two three, fall from heaven
    I will hang you dry,
    I promise punishment
    so self sufficient
    Fire burn burns the dead bodies
    Countdown to the judgment day
    It comes today
    aim my armies
    Throw the die, dice
    Aim with a slice
    Monster rulers
    gonna put you in the blender
    Call him, the jester
    you have no future
    benevolent prevalent, malevolent
    So, so eccentric
    If you don’t pay the ransom
    You’ll never see, see them again
    As long, long as I reign
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Walk to Russia, to China
    oh, my my empire, oh, it’s quite a
    See the thrill in the top, top, see why I, I fought, fought
    Steady, steady, the blood flow, flow, flow,
    Keep the pace, pace yourself, make sure not to go too slow,
    Remember no freedom of thought
    Steal all the children, now now
    come on, take a bow, bow
    Follow me, don’t you dare
    see the empire, my beautiful empire
    mourning the red fire
    oh, mutter a prayer, mutter a prayer
    churn up turn over churn up
    steer up, stirrup
    I am the wolf at your door
    I summon you, you
    your life turned askew
    Don’t let me in, let me in, oh, hear me roar
    Fall in a chasm,
    if you don’t pay the ransom.
    burn the silence, burn the dark
    You want, I wanna
    So I’m just gonna-