• I thanked the spider as I was bitten
    For givin me the venom I'm spittin
    Forgiven now for the eyes I spit in
    What rite brought me rights to write what I've written
    I am catastrophe
    Pure chaos mastery
    Swallowing screams like pipe dreams
    It seems time to lick the battery
    I am more than satisfactory
    I am Nature, actually
    Corroding your shorelines during wartime
    What a tragedy
    I'm a travesty, look at me, no hands to break you
    But I can still kick sand. What a sight to awake to
    I bring fear to Youth by breathing thunderheads
    And being the monster that hides under beds
    I am only comprised of unsupervised Love
    between idiots you despised shoving fists into the skies above
    So brand me, demand me with my head on a platter
    I cannot baptize you but I'll gladly just shatter
    For a moment's peace after the blood splatter
    I could keep going, but I dont think it will matter