• There's pollution, hate,grief and war.
    All of this because people want more.

    Power hungry they are.
    To get power they'd go here and far

    Quit and fail I will not,
    for it is determination I have got.

    Reduce the littering and recycle, I can do.
    If your in trouble i can help you.

    Do be not be violent, or commit crimes
    This isn't just your world, it is also mine.

    If you love your home and love your family
    save the world, save you, save me.

    Encourage our kids to do their best,
    so they can come up with right answers, rather than just a guess.

    Our world is precious as is everything in it,
    so save every part and save every bit

    Save our tress and save our plants,
    save our energy, turn off some lamps

    Do not be violent but do be kind.
    I hope saving our world is kept in mind

    Do not litter, do not fight.
    We might save our world, we just might.