• The notes we sent
    Confessing our love,
    Were they only lies
    That were ready to hurt?
    You said I love you
    And I thought it was true
    Then you walked away
    Does it ring a bell yet?

    The venom rising
    That is in my veins
    Is collapsing my
    Inner well being
    I stand so strong
    But not really at all
    Since your gone
    Does it ring a bell yet?

    What happen.....
    To I love you?
    Words spoken.....
    That I hate you
    Stop this endless maddness!
    Seriously, can't stand this!
    Im bottoming out about this!
    Cant seem to pass this....oh no.....
    Oh, Oh no.......

    Our dreams
    Once lifted by fate
    Are gone now
    Because you have left
    And you wonder why
    Your crying.........
    Because you still love me
    Does it ring a bell yet?