• Desimond

    She calls to the withered rose,
    Distraught by its weakness
    Laying a hand on the petal she chose she exposes its sickness,

    "Rose of life" it is renamed.

    She Whispers to the trees
    And they return the message
    She signs the wind in message breeze,

    The wind is renamed"The Breath".

    Murmuring under her breath,
    She murmurs to the water
    Wishing the water under the crest,
    She murmurs,"Desimond."

    The waters"Elegance" is restored.

    She cries to the birds in the air:
    They are more than beauty
    She lifts her hand to share,

    "Freedom" the birds are now labeled.

    She sings, walking along.
    The ground animals join
    Happily continuing her song,
    She sings,"Desimond."

    The ground animals are made "Earthly Beauties".

    She hums to the grasses brush,
    Feeling its graceful tips.
    Only in a faint hush,
    She hums,"Desimond."

    Recreation labels it "Sea of Green".

    She dances with hands high,
    Motioning moves to the clouds.
    She moves the clouds with a joyous sigh,

    The dance marks them "Eternal Paradise".

    Rose of Life
    The Breath
    Earthly Beauties
    Sea of Green
    Eternal Paradise
    All of them living under the
    sweet name of Desimond.

    With renewed hope and more
    She seeks his life again
    With all her heart completely sure,
    She loves Desimond.

    She turns in curiosity,
    Seeing his face again.
    With such mild generosity,
    She calls to Desimond.

    With an outstretched hand,
    he shows his kindness.
    Running into his embrace again,
    She forever holds Desimond.

    Forever, Desimond, Forever. heart