• The Faces

    All these people
    They don't know
    Nor do they understand

    All the faces
    Bodiless, no less
    Swimming the destitute halls

    Why?I don't get it!
    I don't understand it myself
    The emotionless emotions

    Never cared for
    Never understood
    Never right

    How could I possibly be
    Any of these people
    All nothing like the Shadow I am

    Living like a Shadow
    Is hard enough
    Why is life so emotional for me?

    The faces
    All the faces
    Moving at different paces

    The ones that doze
    The ones that cry
    The ones that mourn

    We all have the same weakness
    It is hard to deal
    With the faces

    The Shadows
    Afraid of
    The faces

    The difficulty of
    Living among
    The faces

    Fearing their weapons
    That destroy others

    But they can
    Kill a Shadow

    The tugs from
    Some faces
    So strange

    The faces mess
    With the mind
    Of us Shadows

    The emotionless....
    FACES! cry cry