• words are just words till you give them a reason to live
    they're empty and worthless
    just letters on a page
    until you breathe life into them
    giving them shape and identity
    they'll stand out among the rest
    the rest of them flat against the page

    whispered tongues of meanings drift across the wind
    of different words in different times
    some are lost and some are found to the letters which they came
    some of them are lost forever like tears among the rain

    some are soaked in blood from the days of ancient battle
    others are decked in gold from the hands of many pharohs
    others are written in scrolls among he temples of the mountains
    and yet some are carved in the cities of the dead

    so take care of what you say if the words have no meaning
    "I'm sorry" and "I love you" can cause distress or healing
    use them only of you mean it and no other ones can do
    use them sparingly. words are just like mules
    if you treat them badly and overuse them
    they will not do what they're supposed to