• You are a beautiful man with an amazing mind.
    I have laid my eyes on you but you'd never know that right?
    Just like me so literal, sensual , and cynical.
    My eyes have dreamed their match since I was born.
    Hazel eyes so bright and I am sure gold like fire when I have them warmed.You tell me that you love of the curve of a woman's neck.
    I melt when I am kissed there and chills spread down my legs.
    You call me peaches late at night. My hazel eyed stranger
    that knows what I taste like. I can taste the sweat on your hips.
    The salt of the sea and the sweet of your lips. They say fantasy
    is better than reality. The things they say. Maybe a daydream with
    you is richer and fuller than the waking dream I'm in. Let me know when
    the submarine races begin.