• I sat there and listened, as you told me what had happened
    You told me what she did, and I even saw the scar.

    You were right.

    When I'm there, she's sweet and kind.
    I had no idea about anything she did.
    You never said anything,
    Not to a single soul.
    You didn't complain, or cry, or break.

    You don't know how much I look up to you.
    Or how strong you truly are.
    And I wish-
    Oh I wish,
    That I could do something,
    To make her stop.
    You don't deserve such pain.
    And if I could,
    In a heartbeat
    I would take it all away
    And let myself, instead,
    Be the one to suffer.

    You told me today,
    That you might have to leave.
    Go somewhere else.
    Who knows where?
    I know it's the best thing for you.
    I want you to be safe and happy,
    I don't want you to be trapped there any longer.

    But honestly,
    I panic.
    I'm a horrible, selfish girl.
    I don't want you to leave me.
    And as cliché as this line is,
    You are truly the center of my world.
    I gave you my heart without even knowing.
    I don't know how to tell you all that I feel inside.
    But I know that I have to say something very soon,
    Because my dear,

    We are running out of time.