• Is it queer that the most unproblematic things in life can make such a big change?
              It’s a cliché, but it’s the little things that matter the most.
              It’s the most petty that make the changes.
              The smallest always have the prodigious voice.
              And sometimes, those tiny things decide to call.
              That’s how life is, you see.
              It is full of colors, sounds, and differences and it is so beautiful in every perspective.

              Everyone has felt melancholic at one point. Everyone has felt happy.
              Everyone has felt mixed emotions, and we‘ve all seemed to get used to it.
              This hollering is heard loud and clear.
              It’s a shout of glory and joy, along with a sob of depression and anxiety.
              And when they’ve lasted long enough, it’s only part of our memories.

              But the voices are long gone and I am left an empty shell.
              The friendly silence embraces me peacefully,
              In a more pleasing way than that of the shouting.
              The silence is dark and eerie as I mourn for the day of colors and wounds.
              It seams that the daggers of depression hurt nothing compared to this silence.
              We are nothing but cold, anomalous heart beats.