• Love is ….

    Love is strange, yet it is sometimes familiar.
    Love is happiness, but what about the break-ups?
    Love is pathetic, then why are you disappointed to be alone?
    Love is war, and the soldiers will fight

    Love is like a game, sometimes you win
    then sometimes you lose, then love becomes torture.
    A bitter-sweet romance and a lover's quarrel
    Is there really love?

    Everyone said that they wanted to be Juliet
    and their lover as Romeo but have they considered
    the couple's fate?
    I would rather be Cinderella

    Would a forbidden love end well?
    If society shunned us and some sultry people got in the way
    would you still find the one who fits the shoe?
    Would there be a wonderful world where we are together?

    As you drift a way || I will tell you all of my feelings
    From now to eternity || I love...
    Forever I will protect || you
    Even if we drift away || from now on and forever.