• I've done things, seen things
    my own actions, doings, wrongs, sins.
    Corruption, engulfed in this world, my world
    my own ******** hell!
    I see myself dying, day by day, which
    are blood moon ights that never see
    sunrise. Never do I see the suns glory,
    just red of sky, the tears of children, small
    children do they cry, For peace.
    Peace of mind. Mind.
    Mind me, mind my words— why do I not make
    sense. Understand, if not comprehend.
    What I say may be daft.
    Daft as the old man who spoke of
    his son, ill did he speak,
    that I might kill him one day.
    For I did.
    I watched me strike myself,
    cold, blind. Dead.
    Sanity gone. Hope gone.
    Breath merely gone, from this life's
    corpse. No more,
    do i live this life praying for the
    dreams to set in and the aspirations
    to come alive.
    I live a lonely, half of a life.
    Insanity fills ny eyes.
    Blood spews from veins.
    And the tears left my eyes, for
    the weak..