• Haha these old thoughts..
    Remmeber when we skipped school
    and we went to the park?
    You told me you loved me.
    Another time I snuck out just to
    see you one last time before I
    headed off to a new school, to say
    goodnight...to kiss you goodbye...
    It was all a bunch of bullshit wasn't it?
    Rememeber how your boyfriend yelled,
    kicked my face, how he dared
    call you his?!
    Remember when I came back the next day,
    beat his face in, kicked him in the throat,
    asked him how'd it felt?
    How I gouged out his eyes and told him
    what a d**k he'd been
    You're not his, you'll always be mine.
    I love you more!
    Can you remember his screams, his
    pleas for mercy when I broke his arms,
    his legs, and how he'd beg
    that I spare him when I slit his throat?
    I killed him..For us. For you.
    It was all a bunch a bullshit wasn't it?
    I did this for us. For you, For me?
    Remember when I said I loved you, and all you did was leave me?