• "The Color White"
    By Flare Kazamata

    It's Emptiness
    Is Filled with uniqueness

    Its colorless
    And it hides its own sadness

    It is Invisible at first sight
    Yet a helpful light

    That will guide the human eyesight
    Through the dark filled night

    The color itself is invisible
    It acts like a living riddle

    Some claim its evil
    But it is ever so helpful

    Among the coast
    Wonders the pale ghost

    Although it only exist
    In reality as a mist

    This color is still ready to assist
    Cuz among the rest, it is the bravest

    Never known
    It walks alone

    Like a stray dog, Looking for a bone
    Like a dense fog, Just there but

    The color itself is Unrecognized
    But this is no surprise

    Because kindness in the form ever so true,
    Is to support, and not expect a thank you

    To work, and require no
    It is those actions that make peoples day

    But such colors will never understand
    How to live in a world, where you are banned

    So here alone this
    color shall stand,
    Ready to fight.

    It shall rise shining as bright as the moonlight
    This hero will make its own spotlight

    The colorless will represent the colors
    The colorless will stand against the numbers
    Today ends the countless
    Cuz it is fate this color is trying to alter

    So lets support this loyal knight
    Lets start to recognize the color white