• Desiree:
    You left a void in me...
    When you left...
    Split me in two
    here comes the rain

    What did I do?
    To make you cry?
    What have I done?
    To question myself why?

    I wish that you were here
    if only...if only...
    The tears are falling down
    sadness and pain
    oh here comes the rain

    Is it because I said
    I was leaving you
    just to move on?
    Or is it because
    I said I hated you
    for what you have done?

    I shouldn't have,
    Didn't know what
    I was doing
    I was stupid and foolish
    what have I done to lose you?

    Of course she knows!
    She lied to me too
    It's not like I meant it
    but I didn't want to make her cry.

    Oh if only he was here
    So i can tell him I apologize
    but it's too late
    all that's left for words is goodbyes

    I need to find her
    I want to tell her I love her
    And i'm sorry for my mistakes
    I just can't lose you!

    drip, drop, drip, drop
    Why am I standing....here
    in the rain?
    I should go home move forward

    Where is she?
    Where are you?
    i don't know what to do
    if only you knew
    that my heart beats for you

    Just a minute longer
    I will stay
    untill the rain goes away...

    The rain is stopping now
    where could she be!
    At the park?, in her room?
    I need to hurry to find...

    I heard my name...
    Oh is it...
    My one and only...
    (heart beats faster)


    Desiree I finally found you
    I just had to say
    I'm truly sorry and...I love you
    I just don't want you to ever
    walk away

    I'm sorry too
    I just wanted to say...
    It was never my intention to
    hurt you
    I love you too...
    (the rain stops)

    Thank you Desiree
    I will always stay by your side
    because whenever I'm with you
    My heart feels so alive...and...and
    without you my heart fades away
    I need you by my side every day
    (cries again)

    Alex just let the rain fall from
    your heart
    untill you have nothing left but a rainbow
    just let it go

    (dries tears)
    Desiree that means alot
    thank you so much for
    listening...I'll forgive you if you forgive me
    and remember no matter what happens...
    I'll always love you...
    (gives a passionate kiss)