• How come it's so hard,
    to stay in one piece?
    When every part of your soul,
    is trying to break free?
    Your soul shatters as he says
    those painful words
    your heart breaks apart
    while the fragments of your heart,
    flies away like fleeing birds
    now you go through the motions,
    of recovery,
    trying to survive each day,
    untill you reach discovery,
    you walk through life,
    as an empty shell,
    repairing the damages he caused,
    each day wishing he'd go to hell,

    many months pass...
    pass in a blur...

    no time to think about,
    what you both were,
    but you won't forget...
    forget about him
    because he was a lesson,
    and lessons...
    well you learn from them,
    these things don't always last
    past loves die
    flames may go out
    but you rekindle them,
    and reach for the sky,
    don't let yourself look back,
    don't ask yourself why
    just keep going....

    Because past loves go...
    But dreams never die...