• Bullets, blood, drugs, and death

    Addicted to things like coke and meth

    Deals that cannot be undone

    Silent screams aren’t as fun


    I’ve taken the safety off the gun

    Wide eyes, fear stricken

    Gun is raised

    Hell has risen

    You should have considered this

    Before you chose drugs and gangs


    Game Over

    I bet you would’ve had a fair chance

    If you were sober


    In crimson circles beneath my feet

    Such a mess to have to clean

    I’m guessing you think I’m heartless

    That’s your fault for breaking my heart

    Dragging you will be such a pain

    Do not worry, though

    Your death wasn’t in vain

    I’m content now, seeing you die

    But honestly, you were dying on the inside

    You just needed a little push

    I hope you don’t mind my help

    After all, victims help each other

    Do they not?

    Thank you, goodbye