• Jeanne-Marie

    Jeanne-Marie, ease your feet into the sea
    the salt may burn, but it does not stain
    like scars borne of a ramshackle train
    cool them in the waves, the waves
    ...rise and fall...
    rhythmic tide, tattered sigh
    the burns will cool, the wounds will heal
    But nothing, never again
    No, nothing at all
    Nothing is real

    ...and the sky is a pall...

    ease your feet into the sea
    soothe the flesh, mend the soul
    forget it all, forget it all...
    -a breath, a sigh-
    ...perhaps you loved me long ago
    but your smile was a thin paint veneer
    and you peered through those barred windows, salt-water, rime,
    longing for the things that lay beyond, and the life you left behind
    we tango until you're sore, you can't take it any more
    It doesn't always take two to dance
    you're so very pale, Jeanne-Marie
    so very pale, because of me
    your blood drips on the floor; I call your name
    Jeanne-Marie, I'm sorry
    Don't leave me
    but you wrap your slender fingers around the handle and you open the door
    you're free

    Jeanne-Marie, the cassowary
    dip your toes into the sea
    walk into the water, smile your pretty facepaint smile,
    drift away, and try to forget about me...
    ...every time you see the scar, trying is all it'll ever be.