• The autumn wind whispers to her ear
    A sweet melody only she may hold dear
    As the notes are passed along
    A cerulean tear falls down her peach-colored cheeks
    A serene response to this silent song

    A poetic sound meant only for this girl so meek
    Believed to be sent from the heart
    Of he who wields the blade as an art
    Who travels to meet her once again
    So she smiles as the gray sky begins to pour the frozen rain

    And the apricot wind carries on the heartfelt melody
    As the promise to return to this shy beauty
    Her sliver-blue eyes turn not to the origin of the drops
    But to the man whom stands before her
    And her warmed heart stops

    As his blade rests on the rain-soaked ground
    She says not a word to her lover
    Their eyes never straying from the intense gaze
    Her, his arms wrap around
    After one step taken with such poised grace

    A longed embrace brings both to tears
    And the grey sky disperses into an orange sunset
    Not a sound was to be heard
    Except the soft song flowing through their ears
    With the wind..

    The last rays of light turned to night as their lips met..