• I have known for a while
    That I only wanted to see you smile
    I don't care what you think about me
    I just want you to be happy

    I've had selfish desires in the middle of it all
    I once wished that my name you would call
    I wanted you to become mine
    And simply being friends was no longer fine

    But I know that between us there will be nothing more
    And so the pain in the form of tears I did pour
    Forgetting about you was the only way
    In order for me to feel okay

    Then when I thought things were about to end
    My broken heart you were able to mend
    You became the reason why I'm doing all right
    Because you had shown me the light

    That's why I never regret meeting you
    Although I know you have exactly no clue
    How glad I am that you were there
    When the only thing left inside of me was despair

    Of course I still want you by my side
    But the feeling of greed had died
    I won't be a hindrance to those dreams you are fulfilling
    Because I can smile as long as you're also smiling