• Once upon a time there was a beauty in lust and im the kid whose eyes cant adjust, Like i couldn't even breathe like my throat had a pluck ughh whee idk what it is what I was feeling but heart loved it alot. Angel from heaven straight on my mind like 24/7 met when we were just 11 was my gf for a year my ownly close peer.
    She always had me in a spell but then after she played me out without a doubt, broken heart where do I start.
    She says "Cry me a river" (Broken && Dead) got on my knees cried her an ocean instead. crying
    So I walk home with a frown lookin at the ground, feelinn like a clown feeling lower than my feet mood super beat that feeling aint neat.
    Im in the attic over dramatic but this was my heart in static.
    i'm pretty sure you didn't mean to aim your arrows at these silly a** hors but nevertheless CUPID this is my suicide note.
    *Aims gun*