• a grotesque figure stares at me,
    eyes whispering bloody serenades.
    her stares cutting me through,
    deep to the bone - like a pleasant suicide.
    scars of fading history flew by,
    unnoticed in this small world.
    the scars imprint too deep;
    crisscrossed like needles and thread -
    stitching discolored skin.

    that day, it started raining misery,
    atmosphere an influence like no other.

    her mouth opened to emptiness -
    a necklace of teeth adorning her neck
    like luminescent pearls.
    razor-sharp teeth embracing her small throat
    as streaks of red paint her skin.

    just watch her discolored lips open slightly,
    hesitation preying upon her immediately.
    hear her shaky rasps of breath continue,
    as this grotesque figure just stares
    helplessly, falling victim to the passing time.
    just a broken woman who was never fixed.

    hear her whisper sweet endings under
    a guise of blood-stained innocence.
    now all you can do is listen as the beats slow.
    the rhythm of her heart is faltering.


    until all you can hear is the scurrying
    of frightened rats, and the echo
    of a body falling to the stained floor.