• One star falling, can lead to a life of hope and dream.
    One ocean's wave can lead to the other side.
    One kiss can lead to the grandest of affairs.
    One touch, can lead to failing or success.
    In risk, in failure, in gain, in dream, in love.
    But none can happen if you do not look, listen, or ever reach out.

    Forever we reach out
    With our silent cries and screams
    Watching as we bleed
    You think we do not try?
    One star falling, can shatter a world
    One ocean wave, can destroy bridges
    One kiss, may be your last
    Words are the barb wires that hold us back

    Then make the words not hold, instead, be bold.
    For it is in silence one leaves only a cry and sigh.
    And live but a lie.
    Never to try.
    A small loss, trite.
    But lost is the light.
    When the star grows too bright.
    Lost is the kiss.
    For once waves wash over the bridge, the opportunity is missed.
    Words must be made to fire.
    Lest to darkness and despair, do we only aspire.
    So rise ye up to fly ever higher.
    Make the final doom a liar.
    And thy dreams today one ye should admire.
    For while the ever dark may come after tomorrows pyre.
    Be today's ideas new sire.

    You think it be just our words?
    That bind and torture us so?
    We live many lives
    For the sake of fitting in
    We are blind because of the light we see
    We drown rebuilding the bridges
    We flinch at the sky
    We try and sometimes that is not enough
    We are grounded in our depression
    The doom we know
    Is not a lie, but a truth
    We are born to die
    Words are made of fire, thats true
    Burns our souls and creates the ash
    We can only shine so bright
    Before we are swept away by the wind
    Do not tell us our admired dreams
    For nightmares do come true.

    Yes, we die.
    That one cannot deny.
    To say else is a lie.
    But while body doth fall to ash.
    In light of the solar trash.
    Our dreams it cannot smash.
    For in beat of the heart we both fear and admire.
    It is through our minds we forever reach higher.
    And in turn make Death, a liar.
    For through the new built span do tides refrain.
    Wiping out, in a small way, the grieving stain.
    Indeed O loved, one doth maintain.
    That our spirit pushes outward beyond the sun.
    And our wishes make new fun.
    Against the very death from which we run.
    Indeed, from loss comes a new way.
    Hidden perhaps but still shown in life’s play.
    So thus, while we leave the stage, we also stay.

    Yes, we live!
    That we cannot deny
    It is a truth
    But this ash made of fire
    From the words of such a being
    Cannot be told just to simply change
    We dont work that way!
    We are the dust of our shattered dreams
    The beating of our hearts are slow
    Our minds reach forevermore
    You cannot understand
    Death cannot lie when life has ended
    Stains cannot be washed from the soul
    Love is far to crushed for us
    Our spirits are beyond the sun
    And drift into the nothingness
    Life is but a stage, they say
    But a stage is a cage
    Where you are forced to act
    Act a play we don't even know
    That is our depression.

    But word does change!
    For even from despair they range!
    And out of ash comes new fire!
    In ideas the word does inspire!
    Even when love is crushed again and again.
    Neath the fear and hates many the win.
    There is anger that rises to make anew.
    And thus, the darkness finds it day to rue.
    So even should one drift away.
    Long forgotten after the lost and final day.
    The fire is reborn, though hidden in shade.
    Always there is a new idea from long past to aid.
    And as ever there is the bright and shining star.
    That takes despair, and runs high and far.
    And so life’s stage is remade.
    The cage is opened, rent, and frayed.
    That is the truth of despair.
    We lift up and fly through the air.
    And whilst depression may come.
    It is but part of the whole, the sum.

    Words can change, true
    You angel of Light cannot see though
    That each word changed
    Can be made into many things
    Take the bible
    Its many words
    Its many phrases
    Its very teaching is changing
    And wars are fought
    With fire
    With flame
    With human lives
    The change of single words
    Create this ball of ash called earth
    It create the darkness in the sky
    It creates the blindness that people covet
    They are just sheep
    To there own depression
    It is true that people will rise
    From the ash
    And are diamonds
    But YOU angel of words
    Cannot see that they are alone
    There hearts are hard
    They are forced to shine and sparkle
    As they are dug from the very ground
    What good comes from an open cage
    When no one can see the freedom
    What use is the sky if you cannot fly
    We are all bound to earth
    We are all in a single cage.

    Know you that in this life, all is but one step apart?
    My shadow love, it is true that such folly is mans’ get.
    They build up only to tear and rent.
    O beloved and shadow’d pet.
    I seeking above, seeing grandeur in not illusion of fear.
    While you lay in the cold dark, creating your illusion so dear.
    To them it is but a place where Mortals normally dwell.
    Thus standing in both Heaven and Hell.
    But let this be a counter-point of the Word that you so revile.
    Let it be They. A word which is used so often as a denial.
    They create the war.
    They bring forth ash.
    They bring out the dead.
    They cause the end.
    They are nameless in the dread.
    As They slowly sink into your head.
    Yet They do not do only that.
    For They are not alone in cant.
    For They bring forth the food in famine.
    They appear in pain to bring healing.
    In deed, They create the dream anew.
    They are legion and nameless, many in color and hue.
    They are forever opening your cage.
    Demanding that you take to the stage.
    And from your shadow,They seek that bright fire core.
    What good an open cage you ask old friend.
    Ask They. As They begin and never end.
    For They use the fire to seek beyond even the farthest shore.
    For They have taken to the brightest star.
    And shadows fall back once again ever behind, ever far.
    And in the word alone.
    They are but the beginning of the thrown stone.
    Thus is the Word that both rents and build.
    O Daemon of Shadow and Unknowing.

    I am not fallen dear brother with white wings
    I am Grounded
    I do not loft in the Air
    To be so blinded by the light
    I stepped to humanity and offered the truth
    I showed them the ways
    Through there desperation
    Through there fears
    Through the darkness
    Of building the things that protect
    From there own insecurities
    Mortals did not know of these things
    Our Snake in the tree
    Showed them the truth about right and wrong
    Gave them the right to choose
    Your wings only blind the eyes
    With there soft neon white
    While mine filter your light
    My black coarse feather will lets them choose
    How much light they will see
    If they fall into my darkness
    Then they are my legion
    They will feed my hunger
    They will power my Soul
    They will...

    I titter at your claims old dear one!
    You! My mirror self, my mirror twin.
    I the Angel of Dreams and Aspiration!
    You the Demon of Shadow and Desperation!
    You! You brought all this to humanity!
    I stand so very corrected!
    I did cast forth my light!
    You did indeed unfold your wings!
    I cried as they saw the light fail!
    O winged shadow! You did indeed bring humanity knowledge!
    O winged ignorance! You hid the light!
    And brought them insecurity!
    And showed them doubt!
    O yes! You did very much show them the way!
    The snake Yes! Your draconic gift to MAN!
    O Thank You Dear Shadow’d Fallen!
    Your snake Did bring them Freedom!
    From Paradise!
    Making them but lice!
    Upon the Earth unbeknownst!
    O brother where art thou in thy shame!
    Making the beggars lame!
    The child cry!
    O Thank thee!
    But beware O Darkling One!
    Former Glory of Morning!
    Know that each soul you take is the sum of the part!
    And you hold them close against your still beating heart!
    O yes! I hear it defiant! Beating in thee!
    And the souls you hold ‘gainst that heart yearns for we!
    So Brother your belonging is False!
    And in the End, You Return to Us!
    But truth be told, O shadow’d brother, hiding so low!
    I know your plan! It is not them you wish below!
    Tis me you’ve come for this night!
    To take me from the skies very sight!
    O yes Dear One… Long since Taken!
    I know thy ways! Ever planning!
    It is your way to gather more Lost!
    To tear down the Host!
    O! I know what you wish of me dearest One.
    A new Fallen.
    To bring power against the very Sun!
    To Give Man the final gifting.
    Their Falling.

    I simply have given a truth in my darkness
    It is there choice to fall or rise
    In the ash They themselves have created
    We are the same coin
    But we do not see eye to eye
    I forever will look up through my wings
    And not be blinded by your feathers
    While you look down and cannot see
    Blinded by not my darkness
    But the very light you shine
    I make no claims on the souls
    That choose to hide among my wings
    Away from your reveling Light
    They do not wish to show there sins
    I simply give them a choice
    A easy choice
    A life of hiding and safety in my darkness
    You think my heart beats for them
    You are wrong
    It beats only for my wings
    To keep them spread and offer a barrier
    From such strong light
    No one can stare at the sun for long
    It is there choice
    To seek shelter in my wings
    My Shadow wings.
    Our draconian snake did offer them freedom
    From this "paradise" you name
    From finding bliss in ignorance
    Walking there lives away like lemmings
    You think i block all light?
    Never, i give them enough light to yearn
    But be afraid of
    I give them shadows
    They can still see in my darkness
    And look up
    Where in your light
    They must shield there eyes
    And look down.
    You the albino crow of the sky
    Think I gave them the gift to fall?
    I gave them the gift of looking straight ahead
    And making up there own god-damned mind.

    Ah, you seek not company perhaps?
    Since that was the core of your argument, mayhaps?
    Really dark’d winged one.
    Is it so hot and bright. The sun?
    Do you not remember that long ago day.
    It t’was more than you who had a say.
    Eve at the last, though taken by your charm.
    Thought that ultimately, a bite would’st do no harm.
    And did not Adam think the same?
    Thus not understanding his coming shame?
    No it was not the apple that brought free will.
    In truth, the slitherer was but a shill.
    Yet, let us turn to the days since then.
    And contemplate perhaps your crimes and sin.
    T’was it not the dawn-walker who did decry it all.
    That mortal free-will was beyond our ken before the Fall.
    Yet, it was the very Fallen who did but bring them that gift.
    Giving them good and evil for them to sift.
    So my shadowed friend.
    Why then did thou bend?
    To the Will on that day.
    And give the mortals the very seed to hold their own way?
    Thus starting the war that led to thy own plight?
    Forever barring you from Our sight?
    Was that your wish o shadow of despair.
    To find nothing but loss, pain, as you cried “Unfair!”
    I had always found it irony indeed.
    That from the first apple’s seed.
    You did fall by own choice made.
    Because the Will gave them freedom and made you afraid.
    Yet by that fear. Your fate was sealed.
    Laying your will against the Will, unbowed, unkneel’d
    Still you, my darkling brother.
    Did a choice make. Thus free will did draw asunder.
    Irony is it not.
    I lay above, with free will. The light mine still.
    While below you choose shadow, still with freed will.
    One questions then that day.
    Did you take of the seed? Or did they?
    Or both?

    How can you claim to have free will
    When you have no Knowledge
    How can you choose between right and wrong
    Without Knowledge
    The apple was the key to free will
    For without it
    There is no choice
    But to blindly follow
    With the shame that Adam learned
    Came the knowledge
    That he is an individual
    Not a collective
    His eyes are no longer clouded
    By the haze of your light
    Your bliss
    And you think i cry "Unfair!"
    You think wrong!
    I roared "unfair!"
    Standing before god
    Before the liberated humans "fell" to earth
    I told the knowledge that HE so forbade
    And was CONDEMNED!
    With his all forgiving nature
    With all his knowing
    He planned this from the start
    He used every one of us as pawns
    In his sick little game
    That uses the entirety
    Of the cradle of humanity
    Think brother of the white crow
    Why is he so vague
    In his teachings
    In his ways
    In his very words

    Something vexes thee
    I see.
    Say on.
    Oh shadow’d one.

    And are you content
    With just being blind with light
    And give no answer?

    I am I.
    The Will is the Light
    Or have you forgotten It's Sight?
    But you speak of knowledge gained.
    And yes, in the great war, you so maintained.
    Yet odd how you seek to create a base.
    Of knowing
    Yet speak lies to the unwilling!
    O yes my shadow, tell to me how you spoke of knowledge.
    Yet simply watched in your absent shine, the shame come full-fledged.
    O please o Fallen.
    How did Eve and Adam come to think themselves with a shameful falling!
    They were given but one job! One simple calling.
    Name the animals! Name the living!
    In what way was this evil?
    Yet somehow with shame their bent, where in this was free will?
    Something tells me this was the beginning of the shill.
    You… damned before ever the war began.
    Was this but a part of your plan?
    To lead humans down the dark path?
    Torn asunder from the Will’s sway?
    To see only the night and not the day?
    O yes, let us speak of the knowledge.
    You broke the works of thy own pledge.
    As you led first Even then Adam off the cliff’s edge!
    Truly, the knowing you gave to them.
    Began a tide of self hate they have yet to stem!
    Please, go on. Speak of the war though.
    As you reaped what you sought to sow!

    I tire of this light and dark
    I am blinded by both
    And this mirror cracks
    The lines of nothing spread
    This fractured war
    This fractured knowledge
    Created by god
    In his knowing ways
    His omnipresence
    He knew what he was doing
    He created this world
    We are just his pets
    His pawns
    There isn't free will
    There isn't even hope
    As it is locked deep within a box
    Pandora's box
    Lies or truths
    Between these cracks that are forming
    On this silver mirror
    Mixed and distorted
    Adam and Eve?
    I have given them knowledge
    To make there own choice
    Whatever choice they make
    Is there own
    God did not want that
    He wanted ignorance
    Blind worship
    Now i give them worship
    Without ignorance
    But alas the sheep of the world
    choose not to see
    I tire
    This mirror is broken
    I am a shadow because of your light
    For without your light
    I will be nothing
    Farewell white crow with angel wings