• You make me smile every single day

    Every second I wish to be in your warm arms

    I want to be held close

    I want to be kissed once more

    One kiss is never enough

    The sweetest boy ever to live is the one who I get to have

    I will forget all the bad times and remember that I get you

    The taste of your lips stays in my mouth for days

    I don't ever want to get rid of it

    I love feeling your touch against my skin

    It brings me comfort when you draw me into your arms so close

    And kiss me without a sound

    Every single compliment you tell me I can never forget

    Every word you say to me is locked into my heart

    Every single time we argue

    I pray that it will go away

    And it does because I love you too much to argue

    Hold me longer because I don't ever want to be let go

    I don't ever want to lose your love because that would hurt too bad

    When I look into your eyes I see the future and everything I want

    You're all I need

    And you're finally something I can call mine

    I hope in 20 years I can look back at this and smile

    And I hope you'll be there too