• you are like the wind,
    you come by so quietly,
    so light with the touch are your fingers of bone.
    you eyes...dark as the sea.

    who are you but lifes enemy?
    my friend you are thee,
    i welcome you to my life of despair,
    i shiver whenever you're near,
    anticipation you bring to me,
    one of that as close to ecstacy.

    i welcome you into my heart,
    youve taken so many loved and torn relationships apart,
    your devilish soul so cold to the thought,
    yet theres a warmth in the thought of your consistancy,
    you'll never leave me,
    you'll never be disrespected,

    you are the god of death,
    when will my time be?
    when will you accept me into your arms of bone,
    making me yours,
    and yours alone?