• Rage,
    it's all i feel,
    i can feel it's fire burning through me;
    i can feel it rising...
    from my fingers...
    to my soles.
    how did this feeling consume me?
    is it him to blame?
    or was it because i lost his fame?
    Kill Kill Kill Kill !
    That's how my heart feels;
    hard like steel,
    and it shocks like an eel.
    Is this how rage feels?

    But when the tidal waves of rage stills;
    i think of the blade.
    That's how my heart heals.
    I can't!
    I've refrained from it for oh so long.
    About a month....
    or two.
    But every sense I stopped...
    I've felt so ill,
    my heart would shout out,
    "Dashawne You know you yearn to Kill Kill Kill !"
    s**t !
    is this how rage feels?