• I laid down to dream,
    a dream so perfect it seemed
    I dreamed a world of complete divine,
    a world where you were mine

    I knew this world was perfect for me,
    but yet I knew this was a dream
    for no flaw in harmony I could find,
    I knew this reality was mine

    instead of waking up, I fear
    I slept deeper, and deeper still
    I kept on dreaming, kept you near
    I dreamed until this dream seemed so real

    I dreamed of dancing beneath the stars
    a symphony of sounds, our ball
    you smile, your body pressed into my arms
    and in this dream, my heart, and yours did fall

    I never wanted to wake again
    this dream, so perfect it would seem
    to sleep forever, it is no sin
    to live within a perfect dream

    for if I can have you only in a dream
    let me sleep forever, and forever still
    as happy as a cat, given cream
    this dream made content my every will

    but alas, I had to wake
    and when that dream shattered, with my heart, it did take
    this happiest of times, this dream did keep
    and now my dream is that I still did sleep...