• "Hey it's been a while, how are you?"
    Is that a lie, or are you trying to figure out what to do.
    You hung me from your little fishing line, and pulled me in half way,
    Then let go of the pole, and let me fall out astray.
    You decieved me, you lied to me. How could you do this without feeling the pain?
    Can you tell me, are you even sane?
    Your like the human version of the devil, come for my blood, am I right?
    Came to start us on a whole new fight.
    Can you tell me, who taught you manners?

    "Oh, I think I love her!"
    You thought wrong.
    Love to you is decieving and moving on.
    You got a thousand hearts in your little jar.
    You have a million girls being broken to chars.
    You painted a blue sky, then turned it back to rain.
    Tell me, have you anything to gain?

    "I've never felt like this before."
    Stop playing you're games. There isn't a game for four.
    Just enough for two, yet you broke the rule.
    Rules weren't meant to be challenged, you fool.
    Too fragile, like the hearts of the girls you left behind.
    Just inorder too see what other girls looked fine.
    Sadly, I was one of those girls. I regret you ever being in my life.
    Thanks to you, I must deal with the strife.
    If only I could erase the part of time,
    Can you tell me, will you ever be caught for your crime?