• You don't understand me, not at all
    You don't understand how I look at you from across the hall with such longing and you don't even notice, but I guess it's better that way
    I guess it's better that you don't see how much I want you how much I need you
    You're my personal drug, my personal poison running through my veins trying to murder me every second of every day
    You don't understand how when I listen to Clocks (Coldplay), you're all I think about...
    Your voice is ringing through my head keeping me there and wishing you would just realize how much I can't stand to not see you everyday
    I can't stand the feeling that I may never see you again
    I guess I just can't look at you because every time I do I want you to look at me the way I look at you, feel the way that I do...
    I just want you, but I guess you'll never know because you just don't understand