• I guess i was wrong...
    wrong to love you,
    wrong to write that song,
    and wrong to want to be with you.

    I said you were right
    the day you called me 'obsessed'
    Love is a form of obsession,
    and love is what my heart possessed.

    Others believe I was love sick,
    only used to loving you.
    But you had a quality that I couldn't resist,
    and that was the fact that you loved me too.

    Everything we went through,
    and everything we said.
    I never thought that one day
    I would have to say our relationship is dead.

    Now you hate me,
    and now I have to forget.
    Forgetting you will truly be hard.
    but getting over you has been no sweat.

    Loving another helped me,
    and now I'm happy as ever.
    But in my heart there is a mark,
    your footprint staining it forever....