• I was not august, august as you will. I was not that magnificent.
    She reaked of cigarettes and her diluted eyes told me where she was.
    Oh hello hello in there. I can see your bones. your face is slender and your skirt no longer fits
    Oh hello hello in there your big green eyes no one could ever tell the color of tell the story of the trials you hid, the secrets you had behind that locked door.
    They held your shaking hand wanting to help you. And one by one they dropped off the face of the
    earth as your breathing became shallow.
    you flick away the last of the ashes hanging off the burning death stick, knowing that slowly you are melting away the tracks of your trachea.
    I heard you one night, locked behind the bathroom door, purging yourself untill your eyes watered and you sniffled like you'd just been in mournning...
    "Is this God crying through my eyes" you asked me once.
    I believe so. I believe so.
    . Mia has your life in her palms. Mia she is; she loves you, shes your best friend.
    Oh things will get better.
    Mia, is a back stabber.
    Kimmy, Mia drives you crazy she's killing you killing you killing you slowly.
    I promise you things will get better, I will not let you push me away
    the world is crazy and one by one all those people who are coming and going...
    they ltold you they loved you. They hugged you while you shook life a leaf and wouldnt let you go.
    But then I know baby, they pushed you on the ground and ran away....
    We can work on this one, after three years you deserve some justice, you deserve some answers.
    After three years you do not need to be so low that blood leaks between your teeth because Mia said this is how it should be.
    After three years it isnt fair no one has just stuck around for once and helped you heal.
    This time I promise you it will be ok. things will get better.