• Here you are standing at a corner again
    Trying so hard to hold it in
    Got the balls to take a step?
    Got what it takes to live unkempt?
    Its right there stare it down
    Don’t be afraid its solid ground.
    one foot then the next
    you can pass this simple test
    your father did it real fast
    Not caring about you or the past
    If he can do it the coward
    You can do it just ask how hard.
    Take one step it’s alright
    It can’t be too much of a fight
    But then again they’ll all wonder
    If you disappear as fast as thunder
    Your mom will stay awake all night
    Hoping her baby girl is alright
    Your sister will think she’s why you ran
    She used to be your biggest fan.
    Your brother will miss you most of all
    so go back when you hear your mother call.