• Cut and bleed
    Move and See
    The way this was meant to be

    Shout and scream
    We hear your cries
    You will suffer no more
    But just this time

    Take the blame
    Learn the names
    Breath in the evil around you

    Stick the vein
    Sacrifice your name
    Burn the evil around you

    It is time
    To take the stand
    Sword in hand
    Swing at the gates of Hell

    These chains won't hold
    Your strength to bold
    Rip the shackles from your arms

    Open the gates
    And feel God's grace
    As you walk the
    Path of the righteous.

    You once were blind
    But now you see
    By God's grace

    You've awaken to
    See the way things
    Were meant to be

    Hold out your arms
    Embrace the son
    Feel its warmth
    Surround you

    A demon no more
    You've open to
    The Lord and
    Now your wings
    You have earned