• I am not the man,
    You thought I was back then.
    I am now the man,
    You can’t trust as a friend-

    Ship is a lie.
    Friendship does not take you far.
    Accept the next stages,
    Don’t deny the demon you are-

    Welcome to my world.
    You are welcome to your hell.
    You tried to escape me,
    But then you tripped and fell-

    Into destruction.
    Fell onto the floor.
    Let me escort you now,
    As we pass into Hell’s Door-

    Way to existence.
    Doorway to your mind.
    Your inner thoughts escape you,
    Taking away what you can’t find-

    The new direction.
    Find the new creed.
    The pain and anguish overcome,
    Your scars begin to bleed-

    The black of darkness.
    Bleed the favoured blood.
    Suffering of those you hurt,
    It overwhelms, the flood-

    The local cities.
    Flood all of the towns.
    Darkness overcomes the world,
    But you’re the one to drown-

    Into your mind.
    Drown away your soul.
    Your hope and thoughts are forfeit now,
    Your story left untold-

    To anybody.
    Untold to anyone.
    Away you go, slave of mind,
    Straight into the sun-

    Of burning fires.
    Sun of the great Ra.
    My figure takes its form before you,
    Blinding what you saw-

    Through the greatest metals.
    Saw through the greatest minds
    You are done, at last it’s come,
    Now you die this time-

    Has no meaning.
    Time is just a flaw.
    The scars of you still bleeding,
    Your face turns white and raw.

    I’m the one left standing.
    My departure ends annoyed.
    I vanish now, my deed is done,
    Back into my void.