• Red_Fox34: She's so beautiful and has ...Has a life..
    Red_Fox34: O have..I have nothing..
    Red_Fox34: To give,
    Red_Fox34: Or say,
    Red_Fox34: Just I love you.
    Red_Fox34: That's not a gift..
    Red_Fox34: A gift is something I'm willing to give her with all my heart..
    Red_Fox34: But is giving her my heart...A gift?
    Red_Fox34: >->
    Red_Fox34: She has a boyfirend.
    Red_Fox34: And everything..
    Red_Fox34: Why would she want to waste her life ...With a guy like me?
    Red_Fox34: Wait...
    Red_Fox34: A guy..
    Red_Fox34: With no soul or life..
    Red_Fox34: Ninja,
    Red_Fox34: *Laughs* Well Ninja was beautiful and attractive,
    Red_Fox34: And she thought things...THe wrong way..
    Red_Fox34: Tristen..
    Red_Fox34: She..
    Red_Fox34: Was AMAZING.
    Red_Fox34: She started..
    Red_Fox34: She started calling me her friend though..
    Red_Fox34: But...
    Red_Fox34: Christain..
    Red_Fox34: She was different.
    Red_Fox34: She was more amazing than Tristen, and more beautiful than Ninja and everything else in the world.
    Red_Fox34: She, She was the love of my life.

    I was talking to myself on this day in the town. razz The girl is xXChristainPhantomhiveXx

    I don't care if she sees because,
    I just want her to know,
    I'm by her side forever,
    And I want her to know,
    That forever,
    I'll love her..
    And NOBODY can change that.