• I'm so young yet feel so old
    I lost my soul long ago
    For i lost the will to live
    As no one has ever known the real me

    I'm a shell filled with nothingness
    Love means nothing
    Death means nothing
    In this world everything is nothing

    I no longer feel
    I no longer try
    I no longer cry
    For humanity lost all hope

    My world is empty and colorless
    Life has no more meaning
    I have no more meaning

    The bitter taste of life is to much
    It has sent me off the edge
    As i'm slowly plummeting to my inevitable end

    I reminisce when life was something
    When there was hope
    When life had meaning
    When there was inspiration

    But now there is nothing left
    No one to turn to
    No savior
    No help

    It's much to late to turn back
    To pretending everything is alright
    When nothing is this world is right

    The old life is dead
    The old me is dead
    I have plummeted into deaths arms

    My world has died
    My candle has burned out

    This is the end for me
    I now bid my farewell as the blood pool's around me

    Goodbye eternally...