• my heart achs for something ill never have
    then pains i feel from the lonely nights with out you
    the moments ive lost by acting selfish against you
    the heart ach ive delt to both of us
    the pain i feel in my chest every morning and night
    it will never end or die
    but it will only get worse
    for the reason that ill never truely have you
    for the reason youll never truely leave me
    when i told you my heart was yours thats when the pain started
    when i told you i love you thats when my aches hit me the worst
    did i ever lie about my heart?
    yes, but only so you wouldnt worry
    did i ever want you to know?
    ofcourse, but i never had the guts to tell you
    so here i am dealing with the pain and heart ach of both of us
    here i am dealing with a heart that will never truely be home.
    so here i am empty chested, full of pain, and eyes empty.
    so what do i do? tell more lies? or tell her shes the cause of all of my happyness and my pain at the same time?