• Love is like a flower.
    There are many flowers.
    You can pick some flowers.
    You can crumble some flowers.
    You can ruin a field of flowers.
    That would be rude and disrespectful to people's flowers though.
    If you want a good flower,
    You grow your own.
    You need patience, water, and sunlight.
    Some flowers requires other things like more patience or more things.
    If you don't take care of it, it'll die after a while.
    Like if it gave up hope on you.
    Like if it was in despair.
    You can fix that by doing your routine.
    It might not work.
    After you accomplished your goal,
    You can be proud of yourself.
    You can show off the flower you planted and took care.
    After a while, it may die.
    Flowers do not live forever.
    But you will still be proud of yourself in a way.
    But your flower died.
    It just died.
    You can plant another one or never plant one again.
    It was your flower.
    If you could make your flower live forever,
    You'd do it but. . .
    Flowers can not live forever.