• Please do not post rude comments. I read this poem to a girl I love as a way to ask her to prom, and she did deny it, but it goes with an entry. YES I am a lesbian and I am very open about it; not enough people are. If you are homophobic or just don't like people like me please take your anger elsewhere. Nothing in the rules says I can't be open minded but it does ask for comments to be curtious.

    I don't have to be girly
    To play my flute
    like the others do.
    I don't need to love guys
    because I was born
    with an hourglass shape.
    I don't need to wear dresses,
    because I perfer suits
    and I don't wanna go to prom
    with a man because I'm 'supposed to'.
    I'm even religious,
    but baby, I care.
    I'm lost in your eyes,
    and I don't mean to stare,
    but I wanna love
    just like everyone seems to these days.
    Curse society,
    and their strict, bashing ways.
    It's quite a bit to ask;
    I doubt you'll agree,
    but don't think of my gender
    and please go with me.