• Sometimes in the brightest days
    It can feel so dark
    the usual radiant rays
    feel so cold and far...

    Sometimes in the darkest nights
    you can feel so warm
    the pale moonlit sky
    acting as a benevolent form

    No matter what you say
    I still feel so odd
    never knowing why I cry and sob

    No matter who I tell
    I still feel incomplete
    advice helping only temporarily

    Sometimes in the most crowded rooms
    you can feel exiled
    friends and family so very close
    yet you feel a strange denial

    Sometimes in the most desolate place
    you can feel so loved
    memories surging through your head
    reminders being just enough...

    We don't always feel what we want
    we don't always get what we need
    sometimes you have to just make do with what you have
    we don't always think about us
    or say what we mean
    but after all is said and done you still have to go your own path
    we don't always want to move
    or stay there in our tracks
    but there's no point living in the past