• This isn't fake

    This is what it will take

    To tell the world that

    Everything must end today

    Its time for me to sore high

    Yes up in the sky

    With the angels above

    Heavens doors shall open up

    I'm stronger than satan

    Don't even try to laugh

    Cause the words that I'm saying

    Will save me from a death trap

    Maybe this song can't reach your ears

    But the God in heaven yes I know he can hear

    this is my mentality

    Its a sickening reality

    The worlds full of s**t

    Darker than an ally way

    This isn't a reversal beast

    its the coldest truth

    That my heart is black as night

    No light can shine through

    I pushed out my family my friends

    And even my love

    This is my cries to the great God above Maybe its for forgivness or just a confession

    But I swear by my soul this isn't deception

    Cause my demons seem to return every night

    So maybe its time for me to put up a fight

    I'm not running away

    No not today

    I found my life is too short

    to let it waste away

    Failed attempts haunt me

    But now I'm so sorry

    I let you all down

    But this time I know I've found

    A way to my own freedom

    Locked within wisdom

    Don't try to force a pill down my throat

    Cause in the end that's all you will know

    This is the end of my rant

    And the angels shall chant

    As my bladee cut the throat

    Of every demon you all know

    So fair warning to satan

    When I get to hell

    I'm gonna send you away

    Without a farewell