• I am a rarity
    Born from obscurity I am not like them
    Those other teenage girls who roam the mall
    Dressed to gain the affections of others
    I am a rarity
    Grown from the ground of little affection
    I blossomed without the nurturing waters
    The smiling sun
    I am a rarity
    One of a kind I have survived
    Passed through Hell and the eye of the storm
    I returned battered but not broken
    I am a rarity
    Like the planet on which I stand
    I am an unexplainable miracle
    Still thriving though poison has been put in me
    Poisonous thoughts
    Ugly fat b*tch
    Retarded sl*t
    Worthless piece of sh*t
    I still keep going because
    Young lady
    I am PHAT not F-A-T
    And b*tch is a complement
    It means I protect who I love
    And I am beautiful
    Retarded just means different,
    And may I say
    I’d rather be “Retarded”
    Than one of the clones
    You call me a sl*t because
    I’m the one you’re boyfriend (or girlfriend) talks to
    When this whole time S*X never came to mind
    And as for your last line
    “Worthless piece of sh*t”
    I prefer to be called
    A “priceless treasure you gave up”
    Because I am a rarity
    Born from the words of hate
    I blossomed into a loving youth
    That will one day be a wonderful woman

    I am a voice rarely heard
    But just because you can’t her what I’m saying
    Doesn’t mean I’m not speaking