• Last time I grasped love,
    It was a giant.
    Bombarding away mountains,
    Proud and defiant.

    Youth was the keeper of our hearts
    And pleasure came thinker than honey,
    But twas the night announced the king’s decree
    My heart followed you to sea.

    I kept faithful as I waited long,
    But I, without a heart, wept every night.
    Until the day the war concludes,
    I hoped for you to be alright

    Finally these years of waiting bore fruit
    When announced the end of the war,
    The crowds cheered and dances commenced
    But I silently wished evermore.

    It seemed as the ships docked, the seas swelled for joy.
    Gulls harked over the ships’ gallows.
    The dew of dawn streaked across the sky,
    And created a most lustrous double rainbow

    I searched the crowd with red-blurry eyes.
    Fatigue shall not strike down my soul!
    Because I know that if my suffering’s been true,
    Yours too much have taken toll.

    Alas! The ship’s bell awakens me.
    True is the moment I gaze towards my right.
    Locked tight to the one with cold bitter-blue eyes
    At my own two fiery sight.

    I tripped over feet to take joyous embrace
    But surprised I stood when I felt a brick-cold wall.
    It blocked my love from reaching that heart
    And ultimately confounded me all.

    Oh what dreadful cause afflicted you at sea?
    Your heart beckons for the snow queen’s call.
    Icy reflections untouchable by heat
    Please, open your Babylon wall.

    But you sighed and pushed me aside
    At the side of his chest he procured a stone.
    A tiny but dull sapphire, washed up and forgotten
    You’ve traded my heart for sea stone!

    Immediately I cupped it with both of my hands
    But a split second you turned, I, out of shock,
    Had fumbled the glittering jewel,
    Which split in two from the edge of a rock.

    For those many years I came to believe
    That love becomes the soft-sweet thing.
    But a foolish love as I come to stand
    The feeling of a heart breaking.