• lets take a look inside my soul
    its dark from all the pain if felt
    the people iv loved
    and the betrayal they bring

    it just gets damper as the tears roll down
    my shy smile turns into a frown
    the people iv trusted have hurt me the most
    my lifes been full of hardship i dont mean to boast

    it turns cold as the emotion fades away
    the color of my blood turns from red to grey
    as my flame slowly dies away
    you fight off the darkness and defeat the grey

    you are the only one that makes me feel this way
    but as i have said before your one in the same
    the ones that i love me hurt me the most
    your no different

    for when love is felt but not returned
    it hurts more the any sort of cut or burn
    it hurts in the heart
    thats far worse

    i love you with every fiber of my very soul
    but unfortunatly your the reason my heart is so broke