• Beyond the road less taken
    My lonely life forsaken
    A forever lived truth
    Of my forgotten youth.

    Bound by ties and lies
    Constrainst to do deny
    Under the stone i will rise
    For my life no one will rely

    Left to shrivel and die
    Left with bounds still tied
    Here me reasons, here my shout
    Let my soul go without my pout

    With the roots of life relieving
    The lies im still retrieving
    I will live with one said truth
    The one of my forgotten youth

    Through the mouths i endure
    to clear my soul, make it pure
    I live with many thoughts
    My mind is filled lifeless clots

    Over the strains of life
    I know i can rely to always rise
    I will break my binded strife
    I will break my lifeless cries

    Still drought i live and shout
    with the thoughts of herds without
    My life so mistaken
    no longer will i be forsaken

    Through the thick and thin
    I will hold high my chin
    Pierced with lies, found no truth
    I can unforsake my youth