• -- === Poems of Life === --
    Master Collection - 2012

    By :: Carlos E. Orama

    "Were we destined to meet?"

    "Who are you?.... It's the same things we both ask each other.When we see each other, we remeber things that we dreamt...And so we're Friends secretly in love with each other.... And then we ask ourselves..."Where destinied to Meet? Or was it just a coincidence?"What ever it is, we both feel the same way...If you cry my soul is in pain, if you're happy my soul if full of joy...If you go away with or with out someone else, my soul will feel lonely.But even if you don't and you decide to go with me in the end we'll probably end up in the same status..."I cannot live without you, but nither you without me"If you die... My soul will have the biggest pain ever in it's life...This pain magy not even fade away... Not untill you return.No matter what happends My Soul will always be aside yours...The world may not acept us as how we are, but what matters is that we both accept our selves.... And if I was to die, then I will ofer you with the endless sacrifice to be your Gaurdian Angel..."

    "Life" Act I

    "Love. Something that is just inresistable. But yet can also create chaos... Love is when two souls meet, those two help each other constatly, ENDLESSLY, They yet do not know what awaits. Love may not be forever. Every second it get's both, Weaker... But Also Stronger. There is a way, to make love endless. But that depends of you and your partner. Sometimes you Argue. Argue is nothing else more than a simple STUPIDITY that makes love weaker. Surely every Argueing is just for any stupid reason. Don't you agree? Look closely into the Situation, now wouldn't it be that what caused the "Fight" was a meaningless? Forget the Problems aside you. If your partner says that he/she loves someone else. Look closely if it's really just a fake or if it's true. If it's true. Look inside you, don't cry, Use that Sadness and use it as your strengh to continue going on. Never look back into a problem, that Just makes it weaker. Look inside you, show yourself what you really feel. Is it Love? Or Hatred? Express yourself but before that, look closely into what your Heart says and Feels. One way, You will find that Someone. Not every Hot (Chick or Dude) Persong is right for you. Look well how they are in the inside. Who know's maybe your Loved one is right in front of you from the very begining. Now if you wish for a Strong Love. Don't look at the diferences, insted look at what you are both alike. There is no Doubt that somewhere in that person that you Love, you'll surely find something. Love is Good, but sometime it can really make you blind and you'll see the truth only when you want to. What person is right for you? Ask yourself, if you yet don't find the awnser. God will one day give you the awnser one way or another. Remeber, Love can be rough at times, but that doesn't mean anything. Go, Your Heart knows the way...."

    "Love" Act II

    "We met like it was nothing. We Didn't see inside of us. Time passed, we began to be friends. Short the time is, passes faster then our thoughts. When you cry, my soul is in pain. When you are mad, I seek a way to make you feel okay. When you are Happy, so am I. When you fade away, I will be left alone.... My soul belives that, but reality is, You are yet at my side. When you go away, I will do anything to at least see you again. At least for 1 second... Both our souls are now in diferent places far from our reach, but our souls are really more near then what we can imagene. If you make fun of me, I'll asure you one day, I'll forgive you. (Never doubt that). We think it's over, when actually we'll see each other, one day. This is a Promise that I'll keep on my heart forever more. Don't stop, I won't let you stop! Go foward, what you wish is near. Look at those aside you, you'll find the truth in us all. We are all a piece of what you/we/I seek. If you think I'll be mad at you, Don't be a fool. I'll never be... And If I do, it is because you have given up. We'll see each other, one day. I promise..."

    "Love" Act III (All Time Favorite)

    " I came to this land to Meet you. I live to Protect you. The Moment I met you, I felt complete... I am here to Love you, to Hold you endlessly. Lies and Truths are within us, but we both know the truth. I will never Forget that day, that you save me from despair and Sorrow. I'll never Forget your Tenderness, Kindness, and who you are. No matter what happends. As the Days pass through, I was a 0 in infinity. I am the 0 and you are the Infinite. The strength you seek to serve your need. Is sleeping within your heart. I live on without forgetting my tears... Your Kindness is what heals my soul. My heart is engraved, within my distant memories. I'll be with you For my Entire Life, so that you can regain your smile that brings peace to my heart. Love and Betrayal are both hidden in this world, but only Love will remain... To believe in people, you can't be afraid. Looking toward the future, let's change it to make it better. Deep within my eyes. My Heart is trembling from a dream that's for both of us. The Courgae to throw out or diferances. This begins the awaken of our hearts. Let us live together in our endless roads!! I'll help you and You'll help me. None will separete us, never in eternity. This... I swear!"

    "Your Battle" (Based On "OTHERWORLD" wink

    "Go if you want it. It awaits you endlessly.Don't give up, it's already in front of you.Do you See it? If you do, seek it.This world is a cold one. Your memoriesare the clouds in the skies. Fulfill your dreams.End your sufferment. Never let go of what youwish. Don't lose your way! Hold steady, aimfor your attack. Attack Wisely. 1000 years passand yet you keep seeking the truths... Stand up! Never let yourself thrown in the sand.You must do as planed! It's do or Die! You'llsurely find what you want... You perfectly know...That you'll fight until the end! The Hope of others dies.Yours must keep strong. No matter what happens!!!Your dreams will soon be accomplished. That dependson you. You are now free to chose your road. Choose itwisely. Go, foward... Your wish will be done! One way or another!This... I promise!"

    "Love" Act IV

    "Being with you, all the time, thought it passed with no changes.I was wrong, the world is changing little by Little.I don't need eternity, the monments I spend with you makesthe time stop. Remeber, I'm here to protect you. I'm protected byyour heart. Strength is not power we'll engrave it within our hearts.Believe in your self just like me. After this road we're taking, you're hereAnd I'll always be here. We don't need anything. I feel alive the instant that I'm with you. I seek the reason of my existence, you are the answer.When something doesn't go well, I though I was left behind. But I was wrong, Everyday something is changed a little by littleYou always give me a smile. I rather say "I'm sorry" then "Thank you".But I'll always be Grateful to you.Protecting while being protected. We'll support each other.Tears aren't weakness, Inside of our hearts we know the reasons.When we're alone, we'll always find each other... Let's go togethereven after the end. I'll always be her for you."


    "The Soul that is both Hated and Loved by all around him, A desperating and depresing past. Begins with a Battle Alone, in the time Little-By-Little Gathers allies. He has Hope, that never ends. Stabed by thousands of Sword in the Battle. Yet He Lives for those who need him, and those who wish to destroy it. He opens new doors to others, But yet He also doesn't stay without an awnser. Encountered by His enemies, Victorious but With a Mark left behind. The Mark that shows the blood given through his multiple battles, This is nothing else more then a Surviver. Those aside of him, helps him restlessly, thankful by them and Him to them. His battle has not ended yet, but nither he won't lose. Fate, Hope, Dreams... He protects those aside him, those who harm them, will encounter him. Are you a Survivor? Or just an Allie? Both, You fight for what you wish endlessly with Hope and Fate of Victory. This World IS the Battle Field, There are many Survivers but in the End... They will surely without a doubt recive that wish, if they don't that means Something Better awaits. The World is at the Edge of death, but Those who Fight, Those who haves Hope, Fate, (Ect...), Along aside of The Survivers These are the ones who make the world stay, but sometimes it can fall. You think it's over... When everything has Just Begun. The ones who die, are the ones who Fught well in battle, even if they didn't fight. One way or Another, The Wish will come true. Fight further than what you can't, It can be risky, but do you have faith? Go Foward, Victory Awaits.... Those who Suffer, are not weaklings. Those who are scared of their Roads, those are the Cowards. You Help both, Follow what you Heart says. You'll Surely Find your ways through. You are also a Surviver...."

    "Love" Act V

    "Small fragments from my heart like a puzzle. Happiness and Sadness,It seems I'm putting them together. You cannot lie your true feelingstogether we've taught each other with smiling faces. People havea mind full of sorrow. They're connected to the circuit that brings braveryto them. People have the power to believe in tomorrow. Since this momentend, don't waste it. Holding Feelings that can't be reseted. SometimesI'm happy with you, but when you're not here I feel sad. But the pileof feelings that can't be displayed nor seed anymore. It's pain to hide myfeelings. But I know that I can change that. They're momentswhere people wants to be gentle they don't use words. Instead a theywanna hug, and those who don't want to be gentle. Those will bethe rage of tomorrow. We can still change it! You, and Me!"

    "Love" Act VI

    "Who Are you? We ask each other that same question at the beginning.Time Passes and we began to develop a Love between each other...But One Day, I Imagine one smile on your lips That will bring peaceto my heart... We Feel the same way, you Love me and I love you...When I touch your gentleness, I felt what it really means...If You're sad, my soul is full of pain... If you're happy, my soul if full of joy.In my Dreams, you're always there. That's what I wanted, To be with youfor the rest of my Life. I cannot Live with out you, but neither you cannot livewithout me. We promised each other that we would continue on for therest of our lives. That Promise to me is eternal, even if we're not together.If there's sadness, there must be joy too! I won't let you go. Even If I die,I will always be by your side. The World Might no accept us, but that won'tstop us! I will never stop protecting you. I want to protect what's most important for me... Our Love reaches our heart in the instant that it wasmade. Remember, that I'm here, with you. For Eternity."

    "Love" Act VII

    " We Both Feel The Same Way, We were lost but weFound Each other... I will take you as many time asit takes from them!! Because of the same fact asalways... Because, I Love You. And I'll do anythingjust to be with you. You're The Love of my Life, If YouDie, So will I. Please don't leave this soul lost. I'll alwaysbe Here, waiting for you. I'll never forget you. You'll alwaysbe inside of me. We'll survive to last encounter!! Let's makethis Love, Our Love, Eternal...."

    "Don't Give Up" (The Lords Main Poem)

    "“When you lost your hope, dreams and honor, even if someone special leaves you. You look a way out of your pain… You don’t find any other way out of this sorrow, this is the “Struggle of Life”. You think completely reversed, when you think it’s all over, every thing has just began, when you thinks there’s no way out, there is. Your soul knows the way follow the Light that will never fade away. Even if you don’t accept it. That Light in your battle is the road to your Assured Victory. It might cost you, but all is needed to win. At the end you’ll surely understand. Your Enemy may Look strong But, that Small Light cannot be defeat by anyone that small Light is Hidden watching your every move you make and will appear when it’s needed. That small Light is the Holy Soul that will never abandon you follow it and let all heavinesss at his hands, Victory awaits you.”

    "Love" Act VIII

    " Love, .. An Eternal Feeling, the most beautiful of all ills.....Lost Souls found each other and thus it Begins....Over the Rages and limits it stays alive...On The edge of life it stays and lives.With out it what could it be of us?Have you noticed? One way or another you love some one...And also a Person Loves you... There is absolutely no escape...Friends, Family, others... Its a Core that doesn't break...Live With it, Enjoy it and mostly Live it.Brake the Throne of hatred and Madness, Revive that Empty SoulRemake that world you call "Home" Into a Second Heaven. Together, Love is..."

    "Life" Act I

    “ Now that I know what it is and was, now I know what was my mistake... And what I must Fix... Even if it costs my life as I know it, I must find what it means... A mystery? A Game? A Toy? Or Sufferment? Joy? Faith? Life... Hope..... Dreams.... ...Where Do They Come From?... And Where do they go? If it is for I to keep suffering the pain... I rather live without it... But them... Those who just keep coming back! My Rage For them is unberable! How Must I Resist this pain!? And for How Long? If I am to die... Will I... Still be with... you? Where Must I Go? To Find the truth? Why am I, allways Alone?.... I was unable to save them... What- What Am I? Why this all happen? … Why did I? Why did you? How am I suppose to restore it? No! I will.. I must Keep Myslef Alive... I will make sure... I'll complete my Promise....”

    "Cry" (CR's Main Poem)

    " Once my life was full of joy, and I was safe. Once I was free to chose the way my life was to go. Until I saw it, then it all turned to pain. The Darkness filled my life of pain and great despair. Yet the light, my soul far is. Yet my soul is locked within my pain. This is just a simple parts of my dear life, so even if I fall I will not die. Even if it's not a lie... Even if it's not the truth. My soul will keep fighting until the end, yet my soul will reach that ray of light. Even If it takes my life away, my soul will continue to fight until the end... My soul will fight until the end..."

    "A Final Achievement"

    "This is the world we grow in.This is the hell we created... Heaven is found by thosewho really seek it.We are no one...But we are everything...Legions from Heaven andAngels from Hell...What we are... Is the causeof what is happening...We, will all go into the sameend... The End Of Dead orEternal Life... Regardless this world is thebiggest mistake and thebiggest success...We Are All, We Are One,Seek through the shadowsand seek the light from affar...At End, This is our world...Away from what is suppose tobe.... But, closer to the realGoal. There is No Heaven norHell... There is No Suffermentnor Joy. No Anger nor Love...There is Only Life, Dead, Memories and Forget...But There is only Life, if thereis essense... There is Death ifthere is oblivion... They areMemories, if they are fragments.There is Forget, if they shatter.Selfish we are, but blinded to bethe Right... We Are Right Whenwrong, and Greatful when feeling.Thus among the Life there is everything and Nothingness"

    "Requiem" (Based on "Requiem of Raggs" wink

    "Lost, I search your footprints. In Snow, Stars and Memories...In the search of your enternal peace is what I aim.In my dreams I see you with your wings.As I try to get close to you, the road doesn't let me reach you.The day you left, at the end of the skies you brought a last light.Your peace is now what I'm aiming for again, to be same as you.Because of this I've looked for it in Dreams, Love and Hearts... Leaving behind the eternal light you've left to us. As I want tosearch my own little light. And Give you my eternal love once more"

    "Love" Act IX

    "Beloved of my soul, you are lost, yet found. Beloved of my heart, what is that you seek? Upon memories that caused the pain of your scars, you have the strenght to stand up,once more. Dont let them fool you, the purity of your heart rests in your light, which you entrusted to me. Same I entrust the memories to you. Our symphony will be engravedupon the hearts of many. Leaving a scar of joy,wanting to protect. Will,I see you again? You'll always have my heart. just like you make me smile, ill protect you. This is the crussade of our destiny, many roads, many endings but only one lead to purity. I here by give to you, the blade of your pain, as it gets rusty, so will your pain. Ill never forget you, as for you entrusted to me, your memories. We'll see each other one day, but until then, we'll fight dor one another. In this, your story."

    Poems Of Life, all written and owned by Carlos E. Orama © Copyright Team Lord 2009 - 2013 All Rights Reserved.